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Month: August 2015

Who Would Make Halo 4 for Xbox 360 if Not Bungie?

Apparently, MTV Multiplayer can. They’ve whipped up a list of potential devs who might whip up Halo 4 if Bungie is out of the picture. And their top prospect to take the mantle is Rare.

In 2002 Microsoft spent more than $300 million to buy Rare. But the company has has yet to get a hit out of the house that once produced mega-sellers GoldenEye and Banjo Kazooie. What better way to capitalize on the investment then by putting them on Halo, with the added hope of tapping Rare’s former first-person-shooter glory?

The problem is that their most recent FPS, the 2005 Perfect Dark Zero was a disappointment and the company’s best effort since then — Viva Pinata — would only fit the universe if Master Chief was also a Master Gardener.…

SI: If Wii Had Xbox 360 Specs, ‘That Would Be Brilliant’

In a recent interview while discussing Sports Interactive’s Football Manager, Managing Director Miles Jacobson discussed how if Wii had the horsepower that Xbox 360 does, it would be “brilliant”.

Of course, that’s never, ever going to happen.

“If the Wii had the specs of the Xbox 360 that would be brilliant. You’d just use the Wiimote to do it and press the button. It (Football Manager) doesn’t need a huge graphics card but it does need very good processors and very good RAM and preferably a hard drive to be able to do stuff with,” Jacobsen confessed to Pro-G.

“And also resolution is important as well. The game plays much better in 720 than it does in standard definition because you can get much more on the screen.”

In other words, the only next-gen console you’re going to be able to play Football Manager on for the forseeable future is the 360.…