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Next On Xbox 360 Live Arcade: Tetris Splash

Ever since 1985, Tetris has been luring unsuspecting gamers in with its evil and addictive yet simplistic siren song.

And on Wednesday the newest incarnation, Tetris Splash, will hit XBLA for 800 points. Details from follow.

Now, with new modes and team play, Tetris Splash introduces even more exciting, enjoyable ways to play this classic favorite. As easy to learn as it is addictive, it’s equally fun for the casual player and the seasoned Tetris pro!

Modes of play: Three different modes of play including Tetris, T-Spin, and Combo, plus a unique screensaver mode.

Multiplayer: Playable solo, competitively or in teams, with an online multiplayer mode via Xbox LIVE for up to six players.

New twists: New, enhanced graphics, and beautiful aquatic backscapes add a real splash to the fun of Tetris.

Content and themes: Exciting downloadable content will be made available including themes and background aquatic creatures.