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Xbox 360 Game Of The Month: Halo 3

Every month the team at IGN must have to do some serious soul searching in order to figure out which Xbox 360 title should be honored with their esteemed Game Of The Month honor.

I’ll bet it took them all of three seconds to figure it out this month. I almost feel bad for any other game released in September; they never even had a shot.

“Do you really need to ask why we picked it? The series that has defined the Xbox brand for the past six years has reached its just conclusion. The game is the new benchmark for what can and should be done with Xbox Live,” sang IGN.

“Four player online co-op, saved films and screenshots to share over, complete stat tracking, the innovative Forge, and all of the same online battles we know and love make this the complete package. The feature set alone is unrivaled and the campaign isn’t half bad either. This is the game that many bought an Xbox 360 for and it’s hard to say it wasn’t worth it.”